Sunday, March 14, 2010

Breaking Down the Walls

Rain, rain go away! The weather in this area has been rain and a lot of it. Life isn't put on hold because of inclement weather though! Otherwise, the Northeast could never function!!

We've begun renovating our bedroom so we are currently sleeping in our living room and living in our dining room. Everyone feels a little displaced but Kitty seems to be taking it well.

I'm picking up Jax tomorrow night from the airport! Here are a few more recent pictures ...

How can you refuse anything to this face?

We're all excited about his arrival! I've yet to figure out his sleeping area, food space and anything else but will be sorting it all out tomorrow morning!

In Hamilton style, we have also begun the bedroom renovation. Here are the BEFORE pictures:

This house was built in 1902 and in fashion, the walls are NOT insulated and it is all horsehair plaster!
DUST is everywhere and I'll be forever dusting!

We're also thinking about growing our little family again. It was hard to even think about for a little while so soon after but the hurt is fading and is replaced with renewed energy. But we're letting things run their course.

Big dreams don't disappear in chaos.
They are simply tucked away for a rainy day.
The walls are finally coming down.