Thursday, February 9, 2012

12 Weeks Already?

And here we are ... already 12 weeks old!!
And wow - time has just FLOWN by around here. I can't believe I really have to think about going back to work soon but reality sets in as my funds go down while the formula is still flowing and the dirty diapers continue to pile up (about 400 hundred a month ... yep, I said FOUR HUNDRED).

Anyway, enough depressing news!

Let me tell you what's new with these little guys!

At their last doctor's appointment, Matthew weighed 10lbs 11oz and Aria weighed 9lbs 10oz (although truth be told, Matthew feels like he weighs at least 5lbs more!).

They both respond to voices and follow objects and sounds with they eyes and head now. They either complain about things that bother them or smile when they hear something that makes them happy. Aria has found her fist and puts it in her mouth any chance she gets (or when she realizes that it's there again).

Matthew is very laid back but takes after his dad's hunger pangs. Think Snicker's commercial slogan "You're not yourself when you're hungry". How TRUE that is!!! He is already cutting a tooth (yikes!). We may start him on a little cereal at four months (with our doctor's ok).

Aria is a little more particular ... about everything. I suppose she takes after me there but I say that there is nothing wrong with having high standards!

We had a month of "Firsts" in January. We all took our first solo trip out.
Check out his little vest ...
Aria is a lot more excited than Matthew.

And where did we go on this monumental trip?

Where else but ...
Might I add that it was rainy and probably not the best day to make that trip out with two babies alone but I had such cabin fever, I honestly didn't care.

And I also made a deposit at the bank, mailed some letters and got a coffee.

What do all those places have in common?

Drive thrus, my friend.

Us moms seriously need a lot more drive thrus. Especially moms of multiples. Think this through ... I could order my things online at Target and then just drive thru to pick them up. That equals a little bit of retail heaven! :)

I finally also made it to my first Queen City Mothers of Twins Club event. It was a mom's night out event at a place called You're Fired in Bedford, NH. It was a great time. I decided to make two owl banks. They came out so cute!
And while I've been busy taking care of the babies, Ken has been busy taking care of me.
White roses for me "Just Because"
He surprised me one Saturday afternoon "Just Because". I was so overwhelmed and surprised! Those little things still count and are SO important to keep US recharged and going strong. What's life without a little romance? 

Yeah. It exists in a marriage ;)

Sorry this post has been so long overdue! I've been remiss in my motherly duties of taking milestone pictures and videos but I've been trying to be more cognizant of it.

Until next time, Matthew and Aria say good night to you all!