Saturday, May 4, 2013

New, New, New

This blog faded away for a little while ... mostly to two crying babies that turned too soon into the antics of two busy toddlers.

We just look at the two of them in awe and wonder how they got so big. I recently bought them some new clothes (all clearance and sale items for next season/year) and thought "These just look huge!"


I'm amazed at their tenacity, their big personalities packaged into such tiny bodies and their sheer energy for life. It inspires me everyday to be present and alive right along with them even when there are days when I'd rather be wasting the day away in bed.

My husband and I recently (and finally) got on a health kick. Not blindly or fanatically so (which means we still indulge in the chocolate, alcohol and coffee) but we've started running 5Ks and cooking lighter.

And speaking of cooking, I've rediscovered my LOVE of it. The sheer flexibility and creative liberties I can take with food that can be shared with the people I care about. It's definitely an extension of my affection for my family. We're self proclaimed foodies (but not the snobby kind ... maybe sometimes the yuppie kind though :)

I've been on a slight work "break" from my career job for several months. Since last September to be exact. It's been a blessing to have had that time with Matthew and Aria but I am returning to full time this coming Monday.

I'm anxious and excited at the same time. I'm wondering if I'll be able to hack it back in an office setting again with adult speaking actual English. My brain has been on hiatus and even though I read, play brain teasers and scratch my head at crosswords, I know its not the same kind of strain someone has at the office.

Anyway, I'm hoping not to disappoint. Not just my future co-workers but my kids, my husband and me. I've been able to spend so much time with my kids and be there for all of their various appointments that it will be strange not to be able to do so now. I've been able to cook lavish and time intensive meals that it will just not be the same to come in and rush through a "quick" meal. And I will miss my husband's impromptu days at home that his flexible work schedule allows.

I'm prepping a shopping list now to get ready for the week. I think I will try to cook a few casseroles and possibly crockpot dishes for the week to see if that is successful. When I decide what my menu is for the week, I will post them here to chronicle them and try to keep record of what works and what doesn't.

Women, especially working moms, are the superheroes of our time.