Friday, July 31, 2009

Sickness ... Over?

Although I woke up feeling tired today - per usual - I am feeling less nauseous overall. I still have dizziness and slight headaches but I'm not complaining.

Tomorrow is Baby Hamilton's 11 week birthday (lol) and according to a cute checklist from The Bump, Baby is about the size of a Lime now or 1.6 inches .25 oz.

I feel slight twinges here and there but from what I read, it isn't actually the baby I'm feeling but my stomach and uterus expanding.

I'll be sure to post some tummy pictures soon (if I dare) because according to Ken and La-La, I definitely have a noticeable "baby bump". Isn't it still too early for all of that?

I'm embracing pregnancy with an open heart but I don't know if I quite feel the same about maternity pants and bras ... you get my meaning?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Legs to Stand On

Thank you for all your well wishes and happy thoughts as well as offers to be venting outlets and pools of knowledge during quite an unpredictable journey. The news was met with some surprise but mostly excitement. We wanted our friends and family to know that we're so appreciative that we've got such a great support system behind us.

My next appointment isn't for a few more weeks. The ultrasound tech mentioned that we just may be able to tell the sex of the baby by then so we're excited.

In the meantime, we're just wondering if Baby is a he or a she? Ken is hoping for a girl (go figure!) but I don't mind whether the little one is a boy or a girl.

I'm counting down to the end of the First Trimester and to those of you who have been there and done that, I know you can truly empathize! Thank goodness for Ken, family and friends since they really do give me the legs to stand on.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

First Prenatal Exam & Third Ultrasound

Baby Hamilton has graduated from the specialist and had our first appointment with my regular obstetrician on July 24, 2009. Above is a 2D image and how much has baby changed! We could hardly believe it! Until we saw these ...

At 9 weeks and 6 days, Baby Hamilton already looks like ... well, a baby! Ken and I puffed with excitement. For me, this is the moment that the idea of a baby turned into a reality. Baby's heartbeat was beating at a steady 175 bpm and we were actually able to listen to this!

Although I've been trolling plenty of sites and books on baby's development as well as my personal symptoms and how to cope, nothing compares with actually seeing something like that materialize from just a mere concept into a genuine epiphany that this whole process (as old as time as it may be) was truly a miracle in the making.
Other than the amazing pictures, progress was going great. Our family medical histories were taken and my blood was drawn for routine tests. I had no out of the ordinary concerns and although I had to excuse myself a few times for potty breaks (after training a toddler, I don't think you ever call it anything else for quite some time), both baby and mother are healthy.

Second Ultrasound

Second ultrasound was on July 17, 2009. Ken and Emma were both able to make this appointment. Baby Hamilton is 8 weeks 4 days here and heartbeat is at 175.
This ultrasound technician was not as good as my usual person so this picture looks a lot worse than the last one but what is obvious is my growing uterus!! (Not to get all technical on you guys!)

Although I'm not really showing yet at this point, my entire abdominal area is sensitive to the touch and bothersome to have any (and I mean ANY) pressure (light or heavy) on it.

I even lost quite a bit of weight although I'm not sure where since my clothes aren't fitting like they should and can I repeat my last paragraph? ANY pressure!!

The most noticeable changes these days aren't physical! They are emotional and internal - nausea, dizziness, queasy with sudden movements or long car rides and sensitivity to many, many smells. I suddenly also have an aversion to a lot of foods I used to love. I'm also saddened and upset to report that my most beloved tomato in all of its glorious forms is not currently a food option without acquiescing to cardiac arrest inducing heartburn.
I'm looking forward to the end of the First Trimester as I've read on many sites and in several books that is when a lot of these inhumane treatment to preggers tapers off and you enter Pregnancy Utopia.

Telling the Grandparents

Up until now, we hadn't really told anyone of our news for a couple of reasons. The biggest reason was that I was considered high risk and in the beginning, that equated to waiting to let people know until we were past the Danger Zone (aka First Trimester).
Yet, high risk or not, we were bursting at the seams to tell someone and we definitely wanted to tell our parents first. So over the course of two weeks at the end of June and into July, we shared the news with my parents and his parents in person.
The news was met with surprise and congratulations (of course!) I even had the first ultrasound picture to share with everyone!

First Ultrasound ...

My first ultrasound was on Wednesday, July 1, 2009. The baby is 6 weeks 4 days and heartbeat 105 bpm. Ken was unable to make it to this appointment because of his increased travelling schedule these days. Although I wished he were there, it didn't take away from the excitement I felt actually seeing what was happening inside.

You can barely see the little halo where this little one is! I don't think it's really set in for me that there was a little someone growing in there but baby was there!

What About the Wedding?

I know many of you must be wondering "What about the wedding?"

Wonder no more because Ken and I want you to know that we still plan to have a formal wedding with reception, dinner and celebrating. We still expect our guests to come in their best dancing shoes and fancy hats ... but not until September 2010!

Since Baby Hamilton is expected in February 2010, we've moved down our formal reception date for later in the year because we haven't forgotten about it or all of our loved ones but we know it's unrealistic for me (the bride) to be in full wedding swing near full term!
Not to mention, the idea of standing, sitting or mingling any length of time in something that used to resemble a wedding dress on a normal non-pregnant person was about as appetizing as warm, liquefied Jell-O ... ick!

Please look for a Save the Date later this year with a specific date and time. We'll be mailing them as soon as we rework a lot of the kinks out with our vendors and venue.

We're Having A Baby!

After an official doctor's appointment on June 15, 2009 - my suspicions were confirmed! We feel blessed and overjoyed with the news albeit the poor timing.

Most of our family and friends knew that we were in the midst of planning a wedding to take place on February 20, 2010 ... only now this date has changed to Baby Hamilton's due date! Coincidence or an omen?

This blog (although a little late in the making) has been created to chronicle our journey, ultrasound photos, random baby thoughts and worries that we'd like to share with our close family and friends.

We hope that you enjoy reading and check back often.